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  • Have the coolant changed by an authorized Kia dealer according to the Maintenance Schedule at the beginning of this chapter. Put a thick cloth around the radiator cap before refilling the coolant in order to prevent the coolant from overflowing into engine parts such as the alternator.
  • The coolant in the overflow was cold (room temperature), I expected it to be hot. No smell of coolant burning/cooking off either. Once the engine cools down I plan on checking the oil cap for residue and the dipstick for level/residue, but if it was a headgasket the coolant should be hot. Ditto for thermostat & fans.
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  • Note: The stock water temp gauge on the Miata in a way is linear. It's just that between 180°-210°F, it will stick to that 11AM position. With the engine cold, fill the overflow reservoir to the "Full" line with your coolant mix. Do not fill it while the engine is hot. This will cause extremely cold mixture to be...
  • This video demonstrates replacing the coolant reservoir on an third generation Miata Here are the parts that I used for the video. Transfer Pump: https://amz...
  • Changed thermostat and still losing coolant and overheating. Dont know if this is related to but in the summer when ... Overheat in ohio. Member. 1994 mazda miata. 4 cyl. 2WD. Manual. 194,000 miles. Losing coolant and overheating.
  • Note: The stock water temp gauge on the Miata in a way is linear. It's just that between 180°-210°F, it will stick to that 11AM position. With the engine cold, fill the overflow reservoir to the "Full" line with your coolant mix. Do not fill it while the engine is hot. This will cause extremely cold mixture to be...
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  • Instead we did the fairly-common Miata coolant re-route, where you return to the old, front-drive coolant flow strategy. Several companies sell kits to make this a reasonably-simple thing to do without re-engineering your entire car. With no money and lots of engineers, we did it ourselves.
  • Aug 20, 2003 · electric fans on a new Heavy Duty 4 core radiator and also installed a overflow tank. My question is does the overflow tank have to be at the same level as the radiator cap to allow the fluid to siphon back into the radiator? Right now it is below the cap and the overflow tank stays full but the fluid level in the radiator is rather low. Thanks.
  • BA & BF Ford Falcon 6 cylinder & V8 XR6 XR8 & FPV Vehciels/ Ford Territory. Black Coolant Overflow Radiator Tank. For Ford Falcon 6 cylinder BA/BF V8/6 2.5L. 1 X Coolant Overflow Tank. -Stealth Black billet aluminium cap.
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  • Your vehicle's coolant system helps to keep engine heat at recommended levels for your car's optimum operation. This system includes multiple components: a radiator, a water pump, an overflow reservoir, thermostat, temperature sensor, hoses and channels in the engine itself to remove the heat.
  • Radiator Cap Removed: Remove Overflow Tank Cap: Coolant Overflow Tank Removed: I purchased a gallon of the Zerex Asian Vehicle coolant with free shipping on Amazon.com. The Toyota SLLC coolant costs anywhere from about $20 to $30 at your local Toyota dealership's parts department or online at Amazon.
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Coolant in the exhaust on start-up and then the coolant overpressure overflow from the expansion tank or radiator happening together is almost sure indication of the head gasket failure.
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  • In this video I'm going to fix a cooling problem because my Miata is not heating up properly. The car reaches operation temperature just fine but when I start...The best cars are the ones that get used. Driven. Hooned. Appreciated as the functional objects that they are. That's why it's impossible to look at Luis Millan's well-loved turbo widebody 1990 Mazda Miata and not smile a little. This is how you do track cars right, and importantly, how to do it on a budget like...
  • Jul 14, 2020 · Remove the radiator and overflow cap, if so equipped (some radiators come sealed). Fill the radiator with coolant to a point just below inlet neck. Fill the overflow reservoir to prescribed limit indicated by a line on the side of the plastic container.
  • Apr 05, 2002 · Remove about a quarter inch of coolant from your radiator. Close the radiator cap tightly. This will leave room for a flow of combustion gasses to enter the cooling system, circulate, and exit through the overflow tank. Without this room, coolant will be forced out. Drain your overflow tank and leave the cap loose.

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: 1992 Miata / 2003 Pathfinder. I had the same basic thing going on - coolant sensor was getting hot, boiling coolant out of the overflow. In my case turning the heat on full with the fan on high seemed to help as a stopgap.
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So, the radiator coolant overflow tank functions to serve this exact purpose. The excess fluid flows into the overflow tube and goes into the overflow tank. Once the driver parks the vehicle and turns off the engine, the heat dissipates which causes the coolant to not be as hot anymore.
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1993 LX 5.0 stock long block, 1.7 crane roller rockers, cobra valve springs, explorer intake upgrade, 65mm throttle body, 80mm maf ,Moroso CAI,Shorty BBK headers,BBK Adj fuel reg, BBK underdrive pulleys, electric fan, B303 cam, off-road Hpipe, 40series flowmasters, 3:73 gears, Alum drive shaft, King Cobra clutch, Pro 5.0 shifter, BBK gripp LCA,190lph fuelpump,Moates Burn2 Chip Programmer, with ... Water Cooling Tips. 1. Change radiator hoses, heater hoses, and fan belts every eighteen months. At the same time, flush the cooling system and replace with a 50/50 mixture of name brand antifreeze and, preferably, distilled water (to minimize mineral contamination). 2.
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  • The system is the type which has the radiator cap on the radiator and a separate overflow tank. The whole system yielded about 1.5 gallons of fluid drained. When replacing the coolant and burping the air, I filled the overflow tank to the full line, and proceeded to put the rest of the coolant through the radiator cap.
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  • Twist the thumb screw counterclockwise to remove it, and then allow the coolant to drain. Re-install the thumb screw once the coolant flow has stopped. Figure 1. Uncap the coolant overflow tank. Figure 2. Radiator drain plug diagram. Figure 3. Location of drain plug on driver's side, bottom corner of the radiator. Figure 4.
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  • Fill the overflow side This section is for vehicles that are equipped with re-surge/dual sided tank. 1. After the pressurized side of the surge tank has been completely filled, slowly add coolant to fill the overflow side (1 ). 2. Fill the overflow side to at least one-third capacity, but no more than half full. 3. Install the surge tank cap.
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  • The air controls the engine speed. This paticular valve also combines a channel for coolant to pass through to help heat the throttle body air. To remove the throttle body you will first need to remove the airbox screws. The have an arrow pointed at them. Remove the top two cables from the clips on top of the airbox.
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  • 5. Run engine until needle on coolant temperature gauge reaches the green range. 6. Stop engine. 7. Check recovery tank coolant level: • Coolant level should be between the “H” line and the “L” line. 8. Remove cap from recovery tank to add coolant if necessary. 9. Lower hood. Cleaning Radiator Screen and Fins
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